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In 1910 the great-grandfather set up the family’s first
roasting factory, thus materializing a passion that had been
flashing in the family founder’s mind for years.

The roasting factory was set up in a small country village in the
southern region of Campania, in Italy, at a peculiar historical time - on the
verge of the First World War, a conflict that saw the involvement of
almost all the great powers and of many minor ones from the
summer of 1914 to the end of 1918. Despite the hard times, the
great-grandfather continued his roasting business until 1943, a year
falling in another relevant historical period: the Second World War. During the Allied Forces’ disembarkation in Salerno, the roasting factory was razed to the ground by a bomb launched by an Allied Forces’ aircraft.

Family tradition:

In 1950 the grandfather, the eldest son of the roasting factory’s founder, opened up a trading business for top-quality Italian food products; this business continued until 1980 when the grandfather died and no one in the family wished to continue this family tradition.

It was only sixty years later that his grandson found some old copybooks; on one of these, in particular, his great-grandfather used to write his old recipes for coffee blends, and his roasting techniques. He thus decided to revive the past family business, although not in the same land that had seen it come to life first; by chance and sheer coincidence, the new location is also the first place in Italy that ever saw coffee beans: the Veneto region.

Caffè Venetico:

The “Caffè Venetico” brand has been recently created in Padua, but it carries on a tradition started back in 1910 by producing precisely those same blends that the great-grandfather wanted, analysed, and finally achieved.

“Caffè Venetico” - pure Italian pleasure since 1910.


Venetico S.r.l. is a limited-liability company that creates its products with homemade techniques, avoiding all industrial processes; the company is proud of working with top-quality raw materials, always neglecting the concept of “quantity” to the benefit of “quality”.

The strength of the company is to be found not only in the marketing of its products, but first and foremost in the full satisfaction of its customers. Customer satisfaction is a basic ingredient to establish a trading relationship with coffee lovers and, more importantly, to win customers’ CONFIDENCE.

The vision of our company rests on the following 4 pillars:
Venetico – a company that stands by people!
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New products:

Coffee bean

1000 gr. pack

We offer you new product: coffee bean for Three new varieties of roasted coffee bean: Coffee Venetico Barista(90% arabica - 10% robusta), Coffee Venetico Cremoso(80% arabica - 20% robusta) and Coffee Venetico Intenso(75% arabica - 25% robusta).